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Sunday prangs - Requests accepted


Hello all,

While I'm quite happy continuing the Doppelgängers series, I certainly don't mind taking a break and building other missions. I don't have a monopoly on ideas so, if there is a particular scenario you'd like to fly, red or blue, historical or not, please list them here and I'll eventually get around to them.

My only request is that you flesh out your ideas, supply links, story lines, etc.

Pip, pip,

=CfC=Father Ted:
One of my mission-making inadequacies is coming up with the story line, so I'm not going to be much use there.  I've no preference for historical v fictional, although I like the planesets to match the time and place.

I think what I'd like to see occasionally are missions requiring more thought on our part.  By this I mean a bit of formation flying, some navigation and some division of labour.  One notion I've been toying with is inspired by Piece of Cake's Phoney War portion.  The basic idea is we fly Red, launching an early-morning, low-level, strafing raid on a Blue base, then skedaddling back home to RRR and await the Blue response.

We would have to take off and form up, then perhaps fly a bit round the houses to confuse the Blues as to our target.  Once there, we do our stuff (in Battles or Blenheims to encourage us to get in and out before the snappers can get airborne).  Once home we change to Hurris and it all becomes a bit more chaotic and less organized as we fight off waves of Blues out for "rewengee".

Another thing I've been meaning to dust off is my bomber-crewing mission - perhaps you could cast your expert eye over that and make it more playable?

On a more general note, I do like surprises (ie the brief is wrong!) - they always make the prang feel much more alive.

I really appreciate all the effort you're putting in on these prangs Conkers - they're really keeping us going.  I suspect that if we're going to hang on to some of our newer joiners we'll do it through blooding them more gently with co-ops, rather than having you and Fitz caning them out of the sky.



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