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For the mission builders:

Is there any chance we can do a short series of missions trying out some of the stranger aircraft that IL2 has to offer, perhaps under the guise of evaluating the aircraft.

We home some pretty interesting stuff that I don't think I've ever flown, such as:

MiG9 I300
Yak 3R
Yak 15

And this is without even thinking of the wierd Axis aircraft.

What do you think chaps?

Hi Fitz,

The Doppelgängers campaign was eventually going to get around to them but I can certainly look at doing something in the short term. I want to go after some Lerches  ;D.

We have to be a bit careful with the jets since the combat tends to get really stretched out but I'm sure we can make a workable prang.

Pip, pip,

Should also be pretty easy to convert on of our df maps, the one set on the Norway map comes to mind.

Pip, pip,

=CfC= Binks:
Happy to have a go at one Fitz.  ;D Might be a while though. I'll post which aircraft I've chosen, so we don't get a repeat set.

Hi Chaps,

I've modified one of Bounder's DF maps so we can practice with the weirder stuff in the game. Mostly late-war and what-if kites just short of the Sabre/ThunderJet/Mig15 series. I added the Panther to the Red side to give it an additional U.S. jet and I've tried to balance out the prop-driven stuff with some Japanese kites. Please provide feedback on balance, playability, etc.  

It's in Dropbox: Conky's Missions/DF Maps/DF_Jets_Online3S.

Pip, pip,


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