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=CfC= Binks:
Hmmm, this Alamein mission is jinxed.
Yesterday evening, I finished it, and added one last flight, net result was that it refused to close. I had that rotten message, do you want to save this as a new file, which in bug terms means that I had too many aircraft in the same unit. Only way to get out of this is to not save.  I lost the previous 3 hours work on ground objects etc.
Tonight, I retraced steps, added in the flights, being careful to change the units, save and close at every step, after another hour or so, saved and closed, opened up, and the last flight had disappeared, together with every last ground object, tank, artillery piece and runway etc, hundreds of them!
Anyone know if this is recoverable? There is a little box that appears that says loading mission, but nothing is happening, only the aircraft waypoints are still visible.  >:(

=CfC= Binks:
The mis file appears to be completely corrupted. I copied the previous version from a restore point two days ago, which has nearly all the ground objects, but when I paste them on to what remains of the existing mission file, they won't save. So I have the ground objects on one file, but very few of the flights, and nearly all the flights on the other, but no ground objects. Think I'll have to go for the ground objects version, and renew all the flights from a screen shot of the other.
I still don't understand what is causing this though, as I'm changing all the flight details at each entry!

Dear oh dear!

I know the feeling only too well!

As I understand it, you have one file with the objects and one with the flights?

If that is the case, just open up in Notebook, back-up both files, then copy the objects from the good objects file into the file that has the flights.
You must have the syntax correct in that "stationary objects" must be pasted underneath the current "stationary objects" section and static objects pasted in the "buildings" section. The number prefix has no bearing on the issue, they will still load even if you have another object with a similar number in front of it.

If you get a load failure after this, check the file against a good mis file for a syntax error.

Hope this works for you.

Bounder :-\

Hi Binks,

I often get that message if I've filled a particular unit's squads with four-plane flights, i.e. 64 kites in the unit. As long as I don't populate every squadron, or at least leave a few flights with three or less a/c, I can usually avoid it.

Pip, pip,

=CfC= Binks:
Thanks both, I'll try those options this evening, If yours works Bounder, it will save hours of work! :)


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