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MDS df prangs using 4.12

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Hi Chaps,

While the vanilla game lacks the ability to RRR during our prangs and lacks some good kites, it does have a much tougher ai, some visual improvements and better waypoint options. And of course fewer bugs.

Is there any interest in trying out a mission built in 4.12? I'm not planning to do this right away mind you, I've never worked with the new waypoint stuff so I'll have to experiment a bit. I've been playing vanilla offline lately and missions are much harder than in earlier versions. For instance I'm currently flying a JG54 campaign and even in a 109F4 I take a beating from I-16's unless I fight strictly using vertical maneuvers only and even then, a Rata with high lots of energy will give me a very hard time. Mig-3's, which are usually quite easy to defeat are now very challenging since they use their speed much more effectively, same thing with the LaGG-3. It's much closer to fighting good human opponents now.

Then there are Mak's campaigns... ;)

Anyway, just putting the idea out there.

Pip, pip,

Agree about the AI Conkers....they are much tougher opponents.

Why not.....give it a go.

It is such a shame they have not included some of the many excellent new maps into vanilla. There are several comments about this on 1C so maybe we will get them one day.

Everyone needs to get up to 4.12.2? Is that the current one?

Bounder :o

4.12.2 is the latest vanilla version of the game, I won't force anyone to patch up however.

Pip, pip,

Hi Conky.
It would certainly make the missions more dificult and interesting that AI's a killer, I struggle to get a 50/50 kill ratio with the AI on Novice!!. Is there any reason we can't go the whole hog and play 4.12.2 with HSFX? The sounds alone would make it worthwhile, and then there's all those maps and A/C.
Either way I'm willing to give it a try one evening and any mission built on stock 4.10 will work right?

=CfC=Father Ted:
Mak, I think what happened is that Fitz had issues with one of the updates (4.11 I think), so in the interests of flying rather than dicking around debugging we decided to just stick with 4.10 + UP3.  Back in the dim distant past when I started here we flew Tuesday vanilla and Thursday modded I think, so there's no doctrine about only flying UP3.  Our current set-up is just about getting as many of us online at the same time as we can and everyone can run UP3.

If we're all happy to fly 4.12.2 + HSFX 7 then we should go for it, say I.  The problem is that all our DF maps are "in " UP3 (yes?), but new-build missions should present no problems


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