Update 4.502

Started by cjd-2010, November 06, 2020, 07:47:14 AM

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Hi Chaps,
             Latest update for BoX but this one has been heavily anticipated
due to the release of the Hurricane II!(b,c,d and Russian Mod).


I splashed out on the Hurribus and it doesn’t disappoint (not for me anyway).
Easy to handle and a solid gun platform,especially for ground pounding and
tank busting.Also good for turn fighting with the 109e7’s,hard to induce a spin
but I’m sure it can be done!


Fly Navy.Sail Army.Walk Sideways

=CfC=Father Ted

Some people around these parts may recall that I was partial to the Hurri IIc in IL2 46, so I'm interested in giving it a go in BoX MP...


The Hurricane turns very well,seems too good to be true!
The 303’s appear to be weak. You have to use a lot of ammo
to down a He111,unless you’re lucky to hit the engines and fuel tanks
Same goes for 109e’s(don’t bother trying to hit the tail,nothing happens
except feeling frustrated!).IIc and Russian weaponry are killers,IId
solid and stable for shooting tanks(brewing them up is down to marksmanship)

Apart from that jolly good ride,so enjoy it while you can before they
bu&@er it up 😁

Fly Navy.Sail Army.Walk Sideways