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Started by =CfC=Bounder, October 15, 2018, 02:11:10 PM

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I have updated our old CfC DF map (desert) to the current UP3 RC4 standard including the SAS dogfight server mod.

All appears to work normally but some settings are dependent on others.......the ability to have all a/c on the minimap indicated by white icons (instead of red and white) is dependent on having no map icons showing (no ships/ground targets etc) which we were used to at CfC as we had no icons at all. What you will see is all airfields, including enemy and also front lines.

As the map area is small, you will easily remember where enemy ships / ground targets are located after a couple of sorties, additionally the front line will separate targets from each side.

If you would like to try it with current SAS minimap settings initially to get used  to locations I can easily run it like that.

The year is 1942 (late) so each side has a considerable choice of a/c including bombers. Premium fighters of 1942 are limited:-

- 10x bf109 F4
- 10x FW 190 A4
- all other a/c unlimited to include bf 109 F2, bf 109 E7, plus Italian fighters of 1942 and selection of bombers

- 10x Spitfire VC (2) .....two cannon
- 10x Spitfire VC (4)......four cannon but slightly reduced performance
- All other a/c unlimited to include Hurricanes up to IIC, P40 E, Kittyhawks and selection of light bombers.

There are numerous ground targets including moving columns, moving ships, and a few AI flights of bombers on each side.

Two neutral airstrips include the original CfC Fifi's strip at Sheikh Mohammed Lotavoil's palace which includes a ground bombing "target" in the sand and fly through hangar for the brave. The other strip is just to the south of the island and is purely for emergency landing when damaged in DF encounters.

I can provide a set of "Quick" missions featuring the exact mission if you wish...,..let me know.

We will have to fly this by request on my server initially.


John Cartwright

Thanks for this Bounder......perhaps we can lure our friend from the land of Cuckoo Clocks in....muwahahaha
"Take that; you rotten Swastinkers you!"
:British Pathe News 1940


And here's my request to fly it it tomorrow...please, pretty please...

I'v got deja vue all over me...

=CfC=Father Ted

Thanks for all your hard work on this Bounder.  I have managed to fix my controls, so barring connection issues, random game-freezes and TS going tits-up I shall be around tomorrow.