Help getting into Flying Ass Clowns server on SAS

Started by =CfC=Woof, August 24, 2018, 09:08:35 PM

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Reading the SAS forum I got as far as 'enable mods" to see server...and I found only a WW1 training mission in Dogfight selection.

Further reading said to "disable mods" which got me dozens of servers in Dogfight selection but none of which were for Flying Ass Clowns.

Where, in this life, have I gone wrong?

Thanks all,


I'v got deja vue all over me...


Hi Woof,

"Enable Mods" is correct.
You need to enable mods in order to see the SAS Server.
Unfortunately, no other server operator decided to enable mods yet, so with mods enabled you will see the SAS Server only ;)

Concerning the WW1 training mission, please take a closer look at the map.
On the right there's a small WW1 training area, on the left all the WW2 stuff is located.
I have just updated the training mission to version 15 which gives some more hints on the GUI map about what is where.
You only have to click a spawn place first before all the icons become visible - that's a game thing, I cannot change it.

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I'v got deja vue all over me...