CH Control Manager software and Windows 10

Started by CFC_Conky, December 21, 2017, 05:09:14 AM

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Hello all,

Glad I've not upgraded from Windows 7 yet...

Just read this over at the IL2 BoS forum:

As many of you are doubtless aware, CH Control Manager software has ceased to work recently under Windows 10. After several rounds of uninstallation/reinstallation, I called and spoke to John in CH support. Here's what I learned:

Bob Church, the developer of the software, has retired.

CH is aware that the software, the last version of which was updated in 2011, no longer functions under Windows 10.

CH has not reached out to Microsoft for assistance in resolving the problem with the software, hence Microsoft will never know that they broke it. John, on the other hand, seemed to think it possible that Microsoft could release another set of patches to Windows 10 that just might happen to fix the problem, as randomly as it was broken.

As a 40+ year Microsoft developer myself, I told John that it is up to CH to contact Microsoft and work with them to resolve the issue; it is not possible for Microsoft to fix a problem with the operating system that they are unaware of, and delusional to expect them to do so.
CH has not mounted a search for a developer to pick up the maintenance of the Control Manager Software.
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