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Started by =CfC=Woof, December 07, 2017, 10:01:14 PM

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Looking good so far.
Our old server was maxed out at 100% when we ran a medium size mission on it, to a point where everything became unplayable.
BoX even tells you so: All clients get hammered with message boxes on their screen telling that the server acts abnormal and they should contact the admin lol 8)

Same mission on our new server runs at 10-15% load with spawn spikes of ~30%.
I left the server running the whole night and this is what it looks now, all calm, I'd even call it "peaceful" (click for full size):

Now I'm gonna carry over the whole 1946 stuff (game, statistics, FBDj and things).
With a little luck we'll be able to move to the new server completely before X-Mas.

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Amazing effort Mike......and much appreciated by all here at CfC and no doubt all at FAC.