Started by cjd-2010, September 14, 2017, 05:28:44 PM

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Hi Chaps,
              I'd like to fly with your Squad on missions/dogfights in the very near future.
I've met a few of your fine fellows on the SAS server and I hope to hear and see you
        Thanks and Best regards,
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John Cartwright

Hello Ceej!
Things are a it quiet here at the moment, Conky flying his real plane, Bounder on a boat and will have his hands full with a new puppy from Tomorrow. Woof, hopefully is okay after being in the path of Irma, and me struggling with deteriorating service awaiting upgrade to fibre in our  village which has been delayed yet again......(kicked from Sunday Clown session with a ping of 4000!)

We have been flying some of Bounder's immersive missions on Tuesday evenings approx 7:30-8 start if you are aboot! :)
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Hi Chris,

As it seems you are already flying with the chaps on SAS and getting on well, I've given you full access to the forum.

Pip pip,



Hi BD,
         I haven't been doing much online,just offline.I've been setting up a newish computer plus the wife
  decided to get a puppy so it's been eventful for the past two months.I shall try to make myself
  available for next week. :)
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Hi Fitz,
          Thank you,that's very much appreciated.Now that I've moved the computer into the
spare room I'll have to give TS a go as flying and typing is quite challenging to say the least. ;D
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Here's hoping that the winter months will see some of us drawn to getting some more virtual flying-time!  The best way to find us is checking out the TS monitor at the foot of the forum's homepage - As BD says best times are around 1930 - 2000 (UK time) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Now you've got full forum access you should be able to find our TS password (I think you can log into our server by clicking on the aforementioned monitor).  Thanks to Bounder and Conky (and many members not so active these days) we have a real treasure-trove of coop missions waiting to be flown.  We do these using a player's PC as the server, so you'll need to get on TS to get their IP address before joining.

I have to confess that I'm one of the many who don't fly very often these days.  Mostly it's real life getting in the way, but also my main interest in combat flightsims is PvP rather than taking on the AI (I should hasten to add that I'm not very good at PvP - it's just more of an experience and less of a videogame for me).  Back in the day we had enough regular jockeys (about 6-8 I reckoned on) to make a go of a sort of team death-match mode once a week, but now we're down to 2-3, so coops are the only viable mode.  Sadly, I'm finding that mode less attractive than other ways of spending my limited free time on weekdays.

Shit, sorry, doom and gloom!  I will keep checking TS and join up for a chat and a fly when I can.  Chuffy's is such a great institution that we've got to keep it alive!


Welcome and welcome again to the inimitable Chuffy's, CJD...

I should be flying this coming Tuesday...hope to see and hear you then...

I'v got deja vue all over me...


Sorry I missed your post CJD...... have just caught up!

Good to have you join us last night......our flying prog. is a little stunted at present due to lack of numbers so we tend to post in the Officers Club thread "anyone slipping the surlies tonight" if we are available.

Woof will be away until second week of October so I will post when I can host and will have a mission running from around 1945 BST if we can get at least three aboard......needed to make the missions flyable.

I think we should also login to the SAS server to keep this ticking along.....the FAC and Storbrore have been instrumental in keeping UP3 and online flying alive and need our support. My missions are built for low numbers (around 6) so are not really suitable for use on the SAS server as they seem to get higher numbers on Sundays.It maybe that we can eventually have some.low number missions on the SAS server if an easier way of mission selection can be made available.