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Started by =CfC=Fitz, June 21, 2010, 12:01:28 AM

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Thankyou for your interest in joining Chuffy's Flying Circus,

Before you make an application, it's probably best if we tell you a little bit about ourselves.

We are a group of chaps with a love of WW2 aircraft and the people that flew them. We don't take ourselves too seriously, our main aim is to have fun (this is a game after all). We are based in the UK but we have members from around the globe including the USA and Australia. The most important requirement for flying with us is a good sense of humour! We are a friendly and helpful bunch and we love a good jest, often in a comic book 40's style. Tally Ho!!!

We are a group of mainly, er..,distinguished gentlemen including several current or retired military and civilian pilots and to maintain the relaxed atmosphere of the squad, we regret that we are not accepting members under 18 years of age.

We fly a dogfight session on tuesday evenings from 1930GMT, a dogfight and/or a short co-op on thursdays (we may also experiment with mods during this session, though any member may request that we fly vanilla 4.10.1) again from 1930GMT and a co-op on sundays from 1900GMT followed by dogfighting till we can be bothered to call it a night. The sunday co-op is often part of a longer campaign of several missions, although this is not specifically the case. The sunday missions and campaigns are all flown as the allies, though we may occaisionally fly axis missions on thursdays to spice things up a little.

At the moment we are direct hosting, though we are looking to provide a dedicated server in future. The server details will be provided to anyone that wishes to fly with us. We are currently using Teamspeak3 for communications, again the details of which will be provided to anyone that wishes to join us.

Attendence is not mandatory at any session, there are no punishments or penalties. Again we do this for fun and we don't think that discipline is or should be required. Obviously we would like it if members joined us at least once in a while!!

We recommend that you try flying with us once or twice either on dogfight or co-op so you can try us out and see how you get on. If you would like to try a session with us, please either post in these boards or send me an e-mail or PM and we will provide the login details for the server

So if you are still interested in joining up, please either join the forums and post below or email

pip pip,


NB - Please note that during British summer time the server will be running an hour earlier than usual. British summer time is defined as:

   ...the period beginning at one o'clock, Greenwich mean time, in the morning of the last Sunday in March and ending at one o'clock, Greenwich mean time, in the morning of the last Sunday in October.
   â€"The Summer Time Order 2002[1]

If in doubt though, just ask!

NB 2 - Due to a large number of spambots registering for forum accounts, additional security measures have been instigated to forum registration. Apologies for any inconvenince that this may cause. If you have any problems registering for the forums, please drop me an e-mail on the address above and I will create an account for you.