BD....your 202 patch issue

Started by =CfC=Bounder, July 07, 2016, 09:46:35 AM

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BD......I read and responded to your post on SAS about the HUD text issue you were having (name in white etc)..
Your post and mine were deleted.....presumably "off topic" or because we have not instigated Article 50.....ðŸ¤"

I was seeing your entry normally on my screen and your score, so it may have been your internet connection.
Have you moved all the old patches to the left side of JSGME window?


John Cartwright

Thanks for your concern Bounder.
Storebror has gathered our posts on this matter with answers here:,51785.0.html
It seems that when setting up pilot profile on re-install I tabbed between the 'pilot's name' boxes which added a 'non-valid' symbol to my name.
Who'd of thought....
He is very helpful; but from the timbre of his posts in this and other threads he doesn't suffer fools gladly!
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We need Mike to come over here and sort out our politicians and NHS😀



Mike is indeed very generous with his help, but he's not a mind reader, hence the requirement to flesh out one's game issue a bit in order to speed the process along. It's not that much work, usually the start log is sufficient to squash the bug.

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