BOS freezing on shut down

Started by =CfC=Bounder, February 28, 2016, 11:08:43 PM

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I had the same issue as you with BOS freezing especially when exiting the prog. I found the following on the internet (problem with several progs) which seems to have worked on my machine:-

1. Go to Settings.....System...Power and Sleep
2. Additional Power settings (In blue)
3. Change what the power buttons do (Left side)
4. Change settings that are currently unavailable (Blue)
5. In "Shut down settings" UNTICK the box "Turn-on fast start-up (Recommended)"
6. SAVE at the bottom.



My freezing occurred  after minimizing game to desktop and then trying to resurrect it.

Followed your procedure:  slowed start by fifteen seconds and could no longer minimize game.

Restarted with original settings:  original speed restored but still could no longer minimize game.

Am adding this to my 2134879 items that need to be clarifed before flying tomorrow.

Thanks for trying, tho, Bounder.

I'v got deja vue all over me...


Burn the above before reading.  Of course your fix worked properly, Bounder.  Complete stupidity on my part.  All is now blue skies and green lights...until the next incoming brain fart.

Thanks again.

I'v got deja vue all over me...