Windows 10 upgrade

Started by =CfC=Bounder, December 06, 2015, 03:54:36 PM

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Well here is the saga of my first attempt at installing W10!!

1 Read that Saitek drivers although Beta were OK if you uninstalled everything first.
2 Did that....then upgraded to W10
3 All went well......X52 working...but no internet icon.....Network adapter would not reset or come on
4 From 5pm to 1am last night tried various driver downloads from other half's machine and then started live chat with Microsoft. Gave up at 1.30 am
5 At 10am this morning Excellent Microsoft technician tried everything using remote connection......and failed!!
6 Was told that my Motherboard (MSI G45) not yet ready for W10!!!
7 Rolled back to to Windows 7
8 Internet back to normal.....but keyboard was dead!!
9 Tried everything but without the ability to type ...gave live chat with Microsoft again on my Android tablet
10 Was told by a numbskull that it was my fault for installing an MSI motherboard......told her what to do....yes....a very dark place!
11. Found an old restore point on windows 7 and got it all working again.
12 Re downloaded all Saitek W7 drivers and all is working again!! this really the 21st century!

Bounder ??? >:(


I emailed MSI about the advice given by Microsoft. They advised to upgrade chipset and LAN drivers to latest on the MSI website ( not the ones from the manufacturer). These were issued in November.

Installed both drivers and LAN software. Upgraded a second time to W10.

Everything now working except no internet icon on taskbar even though it is selected in Properties. Suspect a Registry issue as the icon next to the space where the internet icon should be is swithched on and off with the internet icon switch!!😠

Well at least I am up and running.