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Started by =CfC=Father Ted, November 23, 2015, 02:41:28 PM

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=CfC=Father Ted

This is a mod of Battlefield 2.  Various sources say it is the go-to game for MP tactical shooters.  I've never played it as I've never owned BF2, but it is now available as a (free) standalone download, so I'm going to take a look...

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Hi Ted,

I googled it and got to their site, but the download links were not working...

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=CfC=Father Ted

Quote from: BalDaddy on November 24, 2015, 02:03:38 PM
Have got a link boy?

I like how your talk to me in my language!  So here it is :

@Conkers, I used this link yesterday and have a working game now.  FWIW I used the direct D/L rather than the torrent - despite their warnings it was okay, though I do have 100meg BB.  I had a quick go vs bots, and it does seem to fill the tactical shooter void - big maps, slow-pace, game-mechanics for suppresssion, and so on.  Getting a game going is a bit convoluted, but I managed it without rtfm.  For those who need eye-candy to enjoy their games, this may not suit as it is a bit aged.

The same group of devs have however done the same thing in Unreal 4 and it's out on Steam 15/12/15...


I used to love BF2 and I remember PR when it first started out. Installed and ready to rock!

=CfC=Father Ted

Good to know Fitz.  Keep a look out for me on Steam/TS and let's see if we can give this a go.

=CfC=Father Ted

I've looked a bit more at this and it seems that you can only play on designated servers and it all seems quite serious.  I still think we should give it a go though