One for Fitz maybe?

Started by =CfC=Father Ted, April 05, 2015, 10:08:23 PM

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=CfC=Father Ted

I've been having a look at this:  It ought to be more of a "proper" wargame than the Total War version.  I've not tried the original ACW game but it is highly regarded.


I also enjoy a good strategy game; I have fond memories of many American Civil War games running in DOS, both hex based and TW style.

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=CfC=Father Ted

"I also enjoy a good strategy game; "

Good to know Conkers - potential for some PBEM if we can agree to a title?

The draw for this SoW title is the "realistic" way in which you give orders.  Runners carrying messages are modelled so you have to allow for delays in giving orders and getting intel.  Apparently you can even play "from the saddle" - you just get the commander's eye view.

I've been playing a WW2 title (Command OPs 2 does a similar thing, but which also allows you to delegate to the AI:  if you order a regiment to attack it will sort out a formation, reserve, fire support and so on.  You can do the whole thing yourself as well, but it can save a lot of micromanagement for things like pathfinding.  It has a bit of a learning curve, but I'm finding it very satisfying to formulate a plan and then watch it play out for a bit before intervening and adjusting it.

=CfC=Father Ted

Another one I enjoy is this:  It has the WEGO mechanic (both sides issue orders, then hit play and watch the action pan out for a set time).  The twist in this game is that the better your command structure (units within reach of their HQs), the shorter the time you have to wait before being able to issue new orders.  It also has orders delay, so you need a plan which does not need too much tinkering once the shit starts to hit the fan.

=CfC=Father Ted

"Scourge of War: Waterloo" is due out next month and I'm pretty sure I'll get it.  I got the original ACW game a few weeks back and have been enjoying learning how to play it.  It's no looker, but generates a fair amount of excitement as you have to position both yourself and your troops on the battlefield,