Author Topic: Brace Yourselves for - Operation "Cor Blimey!"!!!  (Read 2509 times)

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Brace Yourselves for - Operation "Cor Blimey!"!!!
« on: November 10, 2012, 07:55:30 AM »

Baron Von Boche has had more than his fair share in delivering explosive little packages across our airfields, so we thought we'd have a jolly old go back.  We didn't appreciate the ribbing we'd get!!

Enter stage left....

It's a quite Tuesday morning and Mr Blue is getting his airfields up to scratch after his rude conquest of France.

What's this?!?!  A map containing draft details of Operation Sealion?!?!  Fiends!!

Enter the Heroes in their 'fast' bombers, on their way to hammer the Hun airfield!!

As expected, they're been seen by spotter on the coast! Off the fighters go!

Spitfires go feet dry as fast as they speed to support the Blenies!

Get on Target heading Gentlemen!!

Bombs are gone - don't hang about to watch the fireworks!  Off you go!!

Oh no!!! The 109's have got to attack altitude! Hard right Chaps!

That wasn't a successful pass, but he's climbing for another!!  Where are our fighters?!?

Hurricane to the rescue!  That that you Swastinker!!

He's in trouble now!  The Hurricane delivers a killer blow and the Blue pilot doesn't try to bail out!

Poor chap - he slumps in his cockpit before the short trip down....

There's no respite for the bombers as they are chased back across the Channel!

Come on Spitfires - Where are you?!?

Crikey - They're cleaning up returning Blue aircraft!  Get a move on and get back to those bombers!!

A reasonably successful mission, but with half the Blenheims shot down.  Some good cover tactics, but losses were too high.... Better results next time hopefully.

Next Stop - "Dornier Corner!!"

End of Transmission
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