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Online Adventures over Blighty - Mission 4
« on: October 30, 2012, 04:57:56 AM »
Tally Ho All!

Last nights escapades on the ATAG server were interesting, but only in showing how much preparation and competent flying play part in executing an effective sortie!

I took off from Biggin Hill with the view I would proceed East and capture the evil Hun on his way over the British coast proceeding in-land.  Whilst I've been happy with the level of fuctionality around the cockpit of the sim, some learned chaps on TS passed comment to each other that that the compasses don't work so don't rely on them.

My start-up and checks went well, so I hauled the Spitfire MkIIa out of the blast pen onto the runway and off I went.  I used the layout of the field on my maps to sort out my take off direction and then after a few orbits at medium RPM's to gain a bit of height, off I went ENE to find Harold Hun and to teach him some manners!

What I didn't realise is that I was infact travelling SSW which became apparent when the South Coast appeared before me after 20 minutes! After ascertaining where I actually was, off I went NNE proper to get me where I should have been towards Eastchurch airfield.  It turns out the compass was working fine!!

Lots of chatter on RT and TS which warned everyone of impending 109 strikes on the airfield, which was all good news!  On arriving at Eastchurch there were 8 or so Spitfires chasing a couple of 109's so there was not much actions to be had.  At one stage I saw a 109 being pursued by 6 Spitfires!!  Poor Chap!

So without a shot being fired and after 50 minutes in the air I landed at Eastchurch.  What really rounded it off was when I hit a Spitfire who had just stopped and hadn't cleared the landing strip.... Pah!  Ah well tomorrow's another day.

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